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We make it easy for you to buy leading brands of insulin pump supplies and diabetes management products at your local pharmacy. It’s a convenient alternative to buying directly from a pump manufacturer – with a few added benefits.

You’ll receive the trusted, knowledgeable advice you’ve come to expect and rely on from your pharmacist, as well as choice and selection, the best products and prices, and unbiased information. Minimum orders and shipping fees become a thing of the past.

We offer a full range of products through our pharmacy partners, including infusion sets, inserters, reservoirs, pen needles, injection ports, glucose sensors, and skin preps and tape.

We’re also the exclusive Canadian distributor of innovative products such as Ypsomed’s Clickfine® pen needles, available only at pharmacies.

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Many modern "smart" pumps have a "bolus wizard" that calculates how much bolus insulin you need, taking into account your expected carbohydrate intake, blood sugar level and still-active insulin.