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Your local pharmacy is the key to our service approach. It’s how we provide you with choice and selection, the best products and prices, and unbiased information.

It makes sense because the vast majority of people with diabetes visit their pharmacy regularly for essentials like insulin, test strips and medications. By distributing leading brands of products to pharmacies across Canada, we give you options to using only the supplies your pump manufacturer provides. You’ll also avoid minimum orders and shipping fees.

The other important pieces to our service approach are knowledge and support, plus our first-hand experience with insulin pumps and pump supplies. A number of us are pumpers. We know what it’s like to deal with pharmacies that don’t have a good understanding of pump therapy or diabetes, or offer only limited choice.

By helping pharmacists and pharmacy technicians become more informed, we enhance the value they provide to customers – especially those without a diabetes specialist or education clinic. That’s why we support them with training sessions and an accredited course on insulin pump therapy, product education kits and samples, consultations, a 24-7 support line, an online pharmacy order portal and much more.

Pharmacists play a growing role in the management of people’s health and well-being. They’re also ranked among the most trusted healthcare professionals. Because of long-term relationships with many customers, they have a strong interest in making sure those with diabetes are aware of all their options.

Our goal is to ensure they have the products and knowledge to help you.

A pump lets you and your doctor know exactly how much insulin you use each day. With injections, neither of you know your real insulin usage unless you never vary your doses or you record every dose you take.