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We have a passion for creating a great service experience for our pharmacy partners and their customers.

We’re committed to delivering the products, knowledge and support our partners need to effectively meet the needs of pumpers and people with diabetes. And we always work with them in a friendly, consultative manner.

Because we realize how important affordable, quality products are to their customers’ health and well-being, we’ve developed a set of promises to help guide our relationships with our partners and give them an understanding of the attentive service they can expect from us.


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  • We always focus on the well-being of the person with diabetes, to make your pharmacy successful.
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  • We always say “yes.”
  • When we make a mistake, we recover in a remarkable way and fix it fast.
  • We measure the delivery of our Promise to Serve with a customer report card.

Neuropathy is a troublesome complication of diabetes resistant to usual treatment. There are reports of alleviation or even total disappearance of resistant neuropathic pain with the use of insulin pumps.