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Cleo 90 Infusion Set

What makes the Cleo® 90 infusion set so unique is it’s all-in-one design. This feature makes it easier to use than any other set with a built-in disposable inserter and gives you more control over insertion speed.

The Cleo 90’s inserter contains both an introducer needle and cannula. It also functions as a retractor device. Once the cannula is inserted, you simply toss away the inserter. Because the introducer needle is self-contained, you don’t have to use a sharps container or close off the retracted needle manually before disposing the inserter.

The difference in ease of use between the Cleo 90 and similar sets is impressive. It uses a quick three-step insertion process while others typically require about a dozen steps. All you need to do is remove the cap, place the inserter onto your infusion site and press it (while controlling the speed of needle insertion), and then attach the tubing.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Cleo 90 is an affordable alternative to many popular brands of infusion sets sold by insulin pump manufacturers. It’s compatible with all pumps with a luer-lock connection and offers a host of features and benefits:*

  • Insertion speed control mechanism with no loud click, instead of a spring-loaded inserter.
  • Hidden introducer needle that allows you to control insertion speed and see the needle only if you choose to.
  • Enclosed introducer needle that automatically retracts for increased safety.
  • Smallest introducer needle available, for maximum comfort.
  • 360-degree site connection that allows tubing to be placed in eight different spots.
  • Choice of three tubing and two cannula lengths.

The Cleo 90 infusion set is available through our pharmacy partners at a suggested retail price of $165 per box of 10 sets.

*Orbit reservoir required for Paradigm® pumps.

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