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Clickfine Pen Needle

Why go through all that twisting and turning, when one click is all it takes to securely attach a pen needle to an injection pen?

The Clickfine® pen needle will give you a new outlook on injecting insulin as well as make life easier and more comfortable. It’s the only pen needle that clicks in place! Plus, it fits all major brands of injection pens.

Research shows many people with diabetes as well as diabetes educators prefer pen needles to traditional screw-on needles. They like the sound of the “click,” which assures them their pen needle is securely attached. It’s great for children and people with visual or dexterity issues.

By using the Clickfine you’ll enjoy a variety of features and benefits:

  • Quick and easy handling.
  • Fits all major brands injection pens.
  • Three needle sizes (4, 6 and 8 mm).
  • One of the shortest and thinnest (4 mm, 32 gauge) needles available.
  • Special silicon surface treatment for maximum injection comfort.
  • User-friendly colour-coding for simple identification for needle lengths.

The Clickfine pen needle is available exclusively from insulinpumps.ca and sold only through our pharmacy partners. Suggested retail price: $32.50 per box of 100.

Learn more by visiting www.clickfine.ca

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