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Enlite™ Glucose Sensor

The new enhanced Enlite glucose sensor is now available through our pharmacy partners! The enhanced Enlite sensor delivers the following benefits:

  • An 80% smaller size for a more comfortable wear
  • A new chemistry pattern may help reduce sensor variability and improve consistency
  • Improved sensor adhesive patch design to help reduce the likelihood of skin irritation
The Enlite glucose sensor allows for continuous glucose monitoring that enables users to spot trends in their blood glucose level and receive alerts if it goes outside their comfort zone. Just like an infusion set cannula, the sensor is easily inserted under the skin with an inserter provided with the system.

It’s designed to be used with a Paradigm® insulin pump, and attaches to a small, lightweight transmitter that sends data wirelessly to the pump. The pump displays glucose data and plots a trend line so users can monitor their glucose level and see how it may be affected by what they’re doing. It doesn’t replace finger prick testing for accurate, real-time glucose readings.
  • Predictive alerts can be set to notify you up to 30 minutes before a preset low or high glucose level is reached.
  • Small cannula size and volume that ensures minimal pain during insertion and allows use by children.
  • Easy insertion with one button press for insertion and another to remove the introducer needle.
  • Retractable needle is hidden throughout the insertion process, reducing sharps exposure.
  • Can be used for up to six days.
  • Comes with Enlite inserter.
  • Requires use of MiniLink™ transmitter.
  • Suggested retail price: $325 per box of 5 sensors (new users must first order training kit with inserter from manufacturer).
  • Sof-sensor™ is available as a lower-priced alternative at a suggested retail price of $190 per box of 4 sensors or $475 per box of 10 sensors.

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