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    infusion sets

infusion sets – angled

Inserted into the skin at a 20-degree to 45-degree angle, these sets allow you to adjust insertion angle and depth. They're great for people with low body fat like children and athletes.

infusion sets – steel

Use a straight, steel cannula that's easy to insert and compatible with any body size and site location. Metal cannulas don't kink, are thinner than Teflon® cannulas and come in various lengths.

infusion sets – straight

Made with steel or Teflon® cannulas and inserted into the skin at a 90-degree straight angle. They're easy to use and offer consistent insertion and maximum comfort.

infusion sets – teflon

Inserted with a needle that's removed after the Teflon® cannula is under the skin. Either straight or angled and come in different sizes for various body types.

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