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Silhouette® Infusion Set

Paradigm® Silhouette used with: Paradigm pumps
Silhouette (with luer-lock connection) used with: ACCU-CHEK®, Animas® and Cozmo® pumps 
Cannula type: Teflon®
Cannula lengths: 13 and 17 mm
Insertion angle: 20-45 degrees
Insertion method: Manual or inserter
Inserter type: Re-useable (Sil-serter®)
Tubing lengths: 18, 23, 32 and 43 in.
Connection: At site
Suggested retail price: Paradigm Silhouette – $205 per box of 10 sets; Silhouette (with luer-lock connection) – $185 per box of 10 sets; $168 per box of 10 cannulas only

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